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25 Cafés in Prague
31 Republic Square & The Powder Tower & The Municipal House
49 Ungelt
96 St George's Basilica
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The explanations are in an unconventional, fun and at the same time enlightening form of conversation between a Prague guide, Anna, and a tourist, Tom. Tom asks Anna about almost everything you’d ask yourself. For the most authentic listening experience the voice of Anna is provided by a native Czech, who speaks fluent English, and for Tom, of course, we borrowed a native-English speaker’s voice.

The conversations are tastefully and thematically accompanied by music and various sound effects. You can get the best impression by listening to the free samples.

The whole project is founded on the basis of many years of experience of Prague tour guides.

You can find a list of the themes and visited sights in the section entitled List of Recordings. You can also get a good idea by looking at the map of Prague.


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